The owner, Neil Wright, has great joy to invite male guests to the cooking of a very South African Meal which he does to perfection.

Having cooked a typical South African “Potjie”  – a big iron pot – at a crackling open fire in the Boma with Neil, is an unforgettable experience for all men who love cooking. It is not only great fun but also the creation of a delicious meal.

Food has always been an adventure – when cooking, go by your own taste

Be surprised by the delicious meals we prepare for you. Some of the recipes are captured and told with little stories in the Sigurwana Cook Book –  should you want to celebrate a Sigurwana evening at home. It also makes a wonderful gift.

Cooking with fresh organic vegetable, herbs, chicken and meat is very important to us at Sigurwana. We love good, healthy and tasty food. The owner, Liesel Wright had great joy of publishing a Sigurwana Cook Book : “Seven Steps to Heaven” . It captures recipes some of which can be tasted during the time at Sigurwana and tells little stories, illustrated with photographs. It is dedicated to the kitchen staff.


The cook book is written in German and can be ordered in Germany. Contact: Inge-Yvette Klauck Hello Inge-Yvette