The people

Sophy, Lorraine, Tiny, Edward and Jack work at Sigurwana since many years. What would Sigurwana be without them? It is their friendliness, their laughter, their natural  attitude which makes working with them a real joy. The way they look forward to the arrival of guests and welcome everybody in a truly warm hearted way, shows their lovely personalities. They add happiness and spirit to the Sigurwana family.

Sophy is the cook for hot meals. She has an amazing feel for the final “taste” and is proud of her creations.

Lorraine is responsible for breakfast which gives everybody a kick-start. Her baking is  “out of this world” and her starters and deserts are something to remember.

Tiny has her own charm about showing the chalets to the guests, keeping them clean and attractive and being very reliable with the laundry service.

Jack and Edward support all works around the Lodge. They are early morning birds, responsible for hot water, a lovely garden and keeping an eye on the vegetable garden.

They help wherever they needed.

Patrick, David and Sunday are strong Venda men, working with us from the very beginning. They are the most reliable, humble working force in the reserve

They are all Venda people who make us truly proud.

The Manager and Head Ranger

what a privilege to be the only Ranger and driver in this remote Wilderness Reserve. I like to spend as much time as   the guests want in the bush. Walking in such a unique reserve are part of the special experiences – it is the tranquillity which one never forgets.

Peter BreedveldPeter Breedveld is the man you want to be with in a magic place like Sigurwana. His warm welcome at the meeting point, his friendliness, charm and attentiveness give you an impression of what to expect during your stay “close to heaven”. As Head Ranger, Peter has many years of bush experience. He likes to share his knowledge about the habitat, ecology, trees, plants, animals, birds and insects. To be in his company means to be well looked after, having fun and learning always something new.

A passion for life on the Magic Mountain

Neil and Liesel Wright are the owners of Sigurwana- close to Heaven.

Neil wright
Neil is South African. He writes books, enjoys the company of guests, is interested in people, likes politics, economics, discussions and good food.

Liesel wright
Liesel is German, lives her African dream in Sigurwana. “ I love the bush. If I could I would spend most of the day in the reserve, observe, listen, take photographs and write about it.

The conservation of this ancient reserve, sharing it with guests and working with Venda staff is unbelievable fulfilling.”

“ We are caretakers of this beautiful, unspoiled and rich Wilderness Reserve and share our passion.”